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Psychological Assessment

Psychological / ADHD Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation to help understand what is going well, what has been challenging and why, spark hope, and provide a great plan for possible next steps. This strength-based and collaborative therapeutic assessment includes focus on:

  • Attention, distractibility and executive functions (ADHD symptoms)
  • Sadness, mood, anxiety, worry, stress, trauma
  • Social and relationship concerns (as a partner, as a parent, as a friend, etc.)
  • Concerns at home and/or at work
Psychological Assessment

Psychoeducational Assessment

When there are specific learning or academic issues (e.g., reading, writing, spelling, math), a Psychological Assessment can be expanded to a Psychoeducational Assessment and include in-person testing with a psychologist to help understand:

  • How your (or your child’s) brain thinks and learns
  • Cognitive and thinking skills
  • Memory
  • Academic abilities and language
  • Other psychological processes that can impact learning
ADHD Coaching & Psychotherapy

Post-assessment Attachment / Relationships Exploration

In individual, online sessions, we will empathetically explore attachment and relationship issues, understand reasons for interpersonal difficulties and collaborate on ways to improve social interactions and relationships.

ADHD Coaching and Psychotherapy

In individual, online sessions, we will collaborate on your treatment goals, moving towards improved functioning and wellness. My approach is based on kindness and empathy integrated with evidence-based practice.

All psychological and psychoeducational assessments, ADHD coaching and psychotherapy sessions are provided by a psychologist

Diana Mandeleew

Dr. Diana Mandeleew, Psy. D., C. Psych. (she/her)

Clinical Psychologist


I approach each individual in a collaborative and kind way. I want to hear and understand you. Together, we will explore your strengths, identify areas of difficulties, understand what is happening, instill hope, and figure out how you can move towards your goals and towards wellness.


Over 20 years of assessment and treatment experience

Ontario Psychological Association


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Psychological assessments, ADHD coaching and psychotherapy are conducted online, across Ontario. Psychoeducational assessments are conducted at our two testing centres (by appointment only).

York/Vaughan: 1520 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 101A, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 3B9

Durham/Uxbridge: 29 Toronto Street South, Suite 107, Uxbridge, Ontario, L9P 1V9

In case of an emergency, call 911 or visit your nearby emergency department.